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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A picture blog...because I can, and I will!

I liked the way those branches looked like a bridge

A field of yellow and a red barn, oh and barbed wire...I like it!

My husband, who is such a good sport! He climbed this tree for me!

With the help of this ladder!

A couple of deer on my walk, today

Tom turkey in the forest, today. He kept fanning out, but my camera was too slow to capture it
Hey, sorry, everybody, for my pity party yesterday! Seriously!

 This was my day, today. I went to the cemetery to trim trees with my husband and mother in law. He climbed the tree for me, just so I could take his picture in it. Then we drove to Marshfield, to the forest, so I could take pictures of the flowers. It was a very good day. The deer and turkey were a bonus as we walked. No wood ticks, either!

Al anon, yes, I have gone to meetings. I have read every co-dependent book that looked interesting to me. After we move, I will join, again, I think. Anyway, thank you again, for your kind words.