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Thursday, July 22, 2010


One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood was laying on the floor, a ray of sunshine was streaming through a window above me, and dust was floating down like jewels. I was in heaven, just looking at the glistening dust, shimmering in the sunshine. I don't remember how old I was, or who was with me, or what I had for dinner that day, nothing mattered but that ray of sunshine. That moment has followed me, and whenever I feel overwhelmed I think back to it. It reminds me to take time to look at the wonders around me.

Time is a precious gift. How we spend it, who we share it with, is of utmost importance. I can honestly say I have spent the last year enjoying and celebrating my relationship with my family. Jerry and I have really enjoyed each other this summer. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. I have been blessed with a unique and loving family.

Keeping it simple, that is my mission statement.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day in Wisconsin, in summer. The birds are singing, the water is flowing. My dear sweet husband is patiently waiting for me to shoot the video.

a walk by the river

Monday, July 12, 2010

The big question

Again with the questions. Who cares? Who really cares? Remember the movie with Tom Cruise with the line..."Show me the money"? I think the same movie had a line..."you complete me" Good lines, but completely unreasonable ideas!  Here is what I think...which is the whole point of a blog, right?

Disappointment is what you get, when you have expectations. It is better to be serene. Let people be who they are. Like you really have a choice anyway. We need to extract the fullest nourishment from our friends. Enjoy ourselves, cope with the bad stuff, and go on creating ourselves throughout our lives.

Laugh, a lot! We really don't laugh enough, do we? Laughing is said to be therapeutic. Even smiling helps the brain trigger some good, healthy stuff.

Eat good food, everyday. I don't mean healthy food, I mean good tasting food. The kind that makes you want to have seconds. Remember the first time you tasted a quarter pounder with cheese? I do. I was working as a survey taker for the DTA in Superior, WI. My mom got me the summer job, and I was maybe 14 or 15 years old. I would ride the bus around and around, counting the people getting on and getting off the bus. The bus driver, who of course I got to know, bought me a quarter pounder with cheese, and I thought it was fantastic. It was salty, and cheesy and different from anything I had ever eaten. Honestly though, the best part about it was that it was unexpected. I can tell you I have not had one since that has tasted that good. Good food is like that though. The first time is always the best. I could write an entire book about the meals that I have enjoyed. Where  I was, who I was with, and what struck me about it. I am a flavor savorer.

Love. What is there to say about love? It hurts, it feels fantastic, it hurts again. You never know when the people you love will leave you. Will they die? Will you disappoint them? Will they forget about you? It is the only drama that you can't really live without. To love is to live. To be loved is to exist.

Create. Hey, I am creating this right now! I try to be creative. I try to use whatever talent I have. I believe that I am useful like that. It keeps me sane.

Enjoy everyday. That is a tough one! Find one thing about everyday that was good, and thank God for it. Be grateful for something even when you have a huge headache and you have to work, and the house is a massive disaster and your bank account is in the red. Find one good thing. Maybe your plant, which you have not watered in weeks stayed alive. Maybe you had friends who needed you, when you thought there you had nothing left to give, and it gave you a purpose. Maybe an old rerun of Lucy came on, and you smiled. Maybe you found your other shoe. Whatever, enjoy, and thank God for the opportunity.

Remember. Remember the times when you were happiest. Remember the people, you loved, who are now gone. Give them your honor and your time, and remember them. I hope someday, after I leave this earth, that I am remembered. I hope someone takes the time to miss me. I hope that I am worth that.