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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breaking water on the Black River, WI. My doggy blog!

My Katie loves to explore with us. She may be just a little chihuahua, but she is as brave as any big dog. This was yesterday, and I live by the river. We walk there, a lot, and enjoy the changes. The snow is melting, and people are afraid of flooding, of course.
Today, was a beautiful day, although I worked 14 hours, so I was not able to enjoy it. Tomorrow I will probably sleep.
 I keep my camera handy, on my drive to work, waiting to encounter the first bear of the season. Nothing yet, but hopefully if I do see one, meandering down the road, I will be ready, with camera in hand, and time to snap a photo.
It was a difficult day, at work. My third double shift in 4 days. I am tired, and cranky. Enough said! Katie is filling up with dog food as I sit writing this, it is 11:29pm here. I just hope she doesn't have to go outside too early! Wishful thinking! Good night, and sweet dreams!