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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farm life

 I spent the morning with my friend Margie. She lives on a very large farm. She names every cat, and believe me, there are a lot of cats. Every cow, every horse has a story. She is an amazing woman, with a generous heart.

I took her "to town" shopping at Walmart. She looks forward to getting out, but does it rarely. Her shopping list was simple, toothpicks, a new bra, flea and tick medicine, acid reflux medicine, and a pocket calendar for this year.

We had lunch out at a slow food restaurant. She ordered ice cream for dessert. On the way back home we stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken for her dinner tonight. Her husband will be surprised and delighted. He is an easy going man, with an easy smile and quiet ways.

This summer she is going to teach me to ride a horse. She knows just the one, for my first experience. She has it all planned out. I will bring lemon bars, or perhaps her favorite dessert, date bars. We will ride on a trail she has on her property, along the river.

It was a very good morning, indeed.

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