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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Certain mysteries are meant to be solved, such as, what are the basics in my life?...I say "my" but to me it is universal. For that I must get reacquainted and reconnected with my imagination, and intuition. Basically, my soul....

I believe in God. I believe in a higher power, and I believe that I know very little about that. I read, somewhere that " the seed never sees the flower." I am sure I have no idea what that means to anyone else, but for me it means that I am not yet worthy of the big picture. I am still growing, and changing, and learning. I will do my best to be a " good person" and perhaps I will get a chance to evolve into something more....but perhaps not...Who knows? We all think we have the answer, but do we? NO!

Is there a fair? " That's not fair! Why me? Who do you think you are? We are all equal, so why do some people suffer, while others seem to float through life? These are questions I have struggled with, at some point in my 52 years. But guess what? I do NOT have the answer. Why are there people, who are starving. Why are people murdered? Why, when wolves mate for life are they legally hunted? Why can't I be better? Why do people hate? Is it better to be right? Why is there war?

Basics...Red, yellow, blue. Basics, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Basics, be authentic, because that is all you have.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's about time...

So, I am here, again. It has been months, since I have written anything. I guess I have been using other creative outlets, like Psykopaint. I have also been in a funk. I will admit it, I have not been my spunky self. I have let my priorities get all out of wack. I am feeling all worn out, and have exchanged my time for money, at a job I no longer enjoy. It is time to move on.

I spent most of this day outside, and I feel more like myself. I promised myself 10 years ago that I would never let my values be compromised, and somehow I have become quiet, and resentful as I allowed others to take advantage of my good nature. I, I, I....sounds more like a diary than a blog....enough of this crap!

Okay...I have always loved art, music, the outdoors, and writing. I have not read a book, for pleasure, in a long time. I love to read! I always loved reading blogs....I will, again. I have met some wonderful friends, here. Honestly!

So, as always, I will include photographs. I love to take pictures. I am doing some professional work, now. Not much, but I am easing in. I have taken online photography classes, and know more of the lingo. I have also met other photographers, and have entered some contests. Hey, I even won, once.

I used to be so bold. I knew that taking chances was an adventure. Somehow I lost that part of myself, in the last few years. I am looking forward to finding it, again. This is a new bend in a long path. I am looking forward....

I won a contest with this one.

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