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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am going to grow from this, and a better me will emerge, soon, I promise

The title says it all. Oh the anger, the anger, I didn't expect it, and it courts me daily. I am Rocky without a match, just an angry old woman, with issues. I am embarrassed, but it is real. I called for another refill on anxiety meds, because I keep thinking I should drive myself to the emergency room for my heart attacks. LOSER, much!
I am grateful for your patience, here. I am better than this. Just keep reading, and something pure will unfold. My grief will fade, and I will emerge a brighter, wiser, human soul. I just have to get past a difficult time, and I am doing my best to do it organically. Just forgive me, please. My Dad was a good man, with his own agenda. I was just a hurdle to him, never a joy. But I found joy in him, and he in I, in the end. The rest is history, and shall be forgiven, and forgotten.
Forward, always forward, towards the light.