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Thursday, April 14, 2011

My camera, a true story

 I am no photographer. I bought a camera at a garage sale last spring in Nashua, New Hampshire while visiting my brothers. I paid $5 for it. It is my first digital camera, and it is slow and old and goes through batteries like crazy. But we just took to each other for some strange reason.

I was never a picture taker. I didn't like waiting for film to be developed. This camera brought me into a new age. The computer age, I would guess. The digital age would be more appropriate.

 I do come from a family of talented artists. My Grandmother was a local artist, who made a name for herself in my community. My Mother was an amazing artist as well. My Great Grandfather on my Mother's side was a published Scottish poet. Art, music, literature, were everywhere in my upbringing. Self expression was always encouraged in my family.

Anyway, back to the camera. I read the directions and began to use it. I liked the almost instant gratification of seeing what I had done that day. I see beauty in a way I didn't before. Mostly it has been a distraction from the sadness in my life. I can take a walk, camera in hand and just look for something interesting. This little machine has given my life a new path to explore, and at my age I appreciate that.

Yesterday I saw a loon, swimming in the middle of a lake. I took some video of it, and a few pictures, but they did not turn out. Jerry could see my frustration at it being just out of reach. He promised me that by this time next year he will make sure I get a new camera. One with a fast shutter speed, and zoom power. Until then my little Sony Cyber Shot circa 2003 will have to do. I know that we will have fun together this summer.

Be prepared for more pictures in this blog. But always remember, just jane is not a picture blog, it is me, doing my thing, what ever that is at that moment. Hey, maybe next year someone will refer to it as a poetry blog. Probably not, but you never know.