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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little bit of sunshine peeking through the fog

So this is my ME blog....with pictures of course!
First though I better explain the second photo...Father Woody left the parish. He left his beautiful garden, and some random priest took his place. He is no gardener, I can tell you that! I have never set foot in the Catholic church here in my town. When I first moved here, I felt unwelcome. There is no other way to describe it. So I have spent the last seven years worshiping God in a solitary fashion.
Father Woody was not the one to leave me feeling unwelcome. He was an outsider, too, I expect. You just know. I just knew, and I still know, I am an outsider, here. Not all small towns are hospitable.

Okay here goes!
A  age-49

B  birthdate- 12-19-1961

C  children-2 Zack and Nate

D  divorces, 1, marriages, 2 so I have a 50% success rate! Good enough, I think!

E  eager, yes I would say I am an eager, anxious, earnest person.

F  Family, I come from a large, loving family. I have brothers who have, on more than one occasion tried to rescue me from whatever....That is the thing about large families, they are always in your business!

G  ghosts...Yup, I believe in them. Holy and otherwise, they exist!

H  habits, Bad ones...a lot of them, like chocolate, procrastination, having everything my way! I am working on them, though, I really am!

I  ideology- I live by the Golden Rule, or at least I think I do. I try to always be kind, to give back, to do my best.

J  of course my name, Jane! My husband, Jerry, actually Jerome, but no one calls him that! J will follow me to my grave.

K  knowledge, I love learning, knowing, discovering.

L  lilacs and lily's of the valley, my two favorite flowers.

M  meditate, I would love to learn to meditate. I have tried, numerous times, but no luck, yet!

O  outdoors. I am an outdoorsy girl. I love to camp, in a tent. I love to canoe, and sit by the fire. I love to garden, and I am happiest outside!

P  profession, Hey I quit my job a couple of weeks ago, although they didn't replace me, so I continue to work there, I am between professions. Fun and exciting, and scary. Why did I do that?

Q  quest- what made me start this journey? Am I learning anything about myself like this? Is this just another waste of my time?

R  refugee of grief. I have been hiding out here in this little town for 7 years. It is time to emerge and be me again.

S  solo- I am not good, alone. I broke into a thousand pieces last time I felt alone, and I fear that I would again. I am going to work on that! Hey, I learned something, new, about myself, just now!

T  talisman, Katie's middle name. She is my talisman, in a way, that little chihuahua dog.

U  universe, I am part of something bigger, always will be, always have been. When I am gone, I will still be a part of it. I like that!

V  vessel, a container, holding something important, that is ME!

W , too many to choose from, wild, wind, whole, woman.  I choose all of them.

X  an unknown quantity as in algebra.

Y  Yes, that is my word...just say yes! There is always room for something new, something different in my life, and to close myself off from new things would be wrong. Yes, yes, yes!!!

Z  zenith, the point in the heavens, directly overhead. Beyond what is, into what will be.