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Friday, March 25, 2011

Generosity, a journey

Generosity, what a word! It has power.  I take it to mean that you have a bounty of something and are willing to share it, in a way that is sacrificing and noble. I define it as charitable, unselfish.

Bloggers are generous people. They share a part of themselves with the universe, with me. I find comfort reading blogs, and becoming educated in new ideas.

A smile, can be generous, if given for the right reason. I have been swept away by the smile of a child, looking upon a bouquet of hand picked flowers, intended for someone special. That eager, innocent smile. Those dirty little fingers grasping tightly around the stems. Just the thought of it, warms my heart.

Learning how to give, is a journey. We all feel inadequate, at times. We feel like we are worthless, suffering more than those around us.  Sometimes we feel that our lives are already poverty level, and we have nothing to share. This kind of stinginess is so very sad. Being attached to any one thing, any one idea, can and will limit your soul.

The idea is we should give what we can, and sometimes expand that to give what we think we can't live without. This is how we grow, as people. We learn about ourselves, that way. You know the phrase, "Let go, and let God".

I have to admit, I struggle with that one, myself. I have a hard time finding compassion for myself. I am an anxious person. Every thought I have is considered to within an inch of its life. I do not let go of anything, easily. I don't mean material things, those I have no problem letting go of. I am not a sentimental object person. I am a sentimental mental case. I do not give myself a break, until I break down physically, mentally, emotionally. I seek serenity, peace, and simplicity.

Letting those thoughts go, and getting back to the immediacy of our experiences. Being in the moment, and sharing all we have. I notice that I have the power to brighten up another's mood with my good mood. I can comfort those in pain, sometimes. Sometimes I can just be a sounding board, and validate someone else. And sometimes I have to stand up to the oppressors and fight for what I think is fair.

"We are our best source of encouragement and good advise. We are all  accustomed to waiting for someone to give us a kind word, but we really have available to ourselves many kind words." Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz  ( How to be your own best friend.)

That is a book worth rereading, again and again! Peace