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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A day off

I have a picture in my mind of the perfect day off. It starts with a steaming cup of coffee, French Roast if possible, with some cream and sugar. One cup, and maybe a slice of buttered raisin toast. The butter melts, because it was buttered while it was still warm from the toaster.

Okay, here is where fantasy will have to overtake reality, because we are going to get up to 20 inches of snow, AGAIN, but in my imaginary day off, I walk outside, to sit under a pine umbrella, in an Adirondack chair. The smell of blooming lilacs perfume the air. Someone is playing bagpipes in the distance, and they are really good! Hey, this is my fantasy!!! There is a soft breeze, but the day is humid and moist. I sip my warm coffee, and eat my crisp toast.

 After enjoying the outdoors in my pajamas and slippers, I go back inside to take a long bath. I run my bath water in my claw foot bathtub, and add scented lavender bath salts. The lavender scent is strong, and cleanses my palate for the adventures that await. Okay, I do this everyday. Yes, I have a huge old fashioned claw foot bathtub, that I enjoy, daily. I know, I am lucky.

I emerge from the tub and look at the clock, I have the whole day ahead, I am free to do as I like. I can go shopping at antique shops. I can garden. I can play with my Husband. I can read one of the many books that are calling my name. I can paint a picture, or write a poem. The day is mine.

Photo by Leanna Hammer
The fantasy stops here, because I like to have choices. I like to know that this day can unfold a thousand delightful ways.