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Monday, February 14, 2011

Straight from the heart, a love letter to my Husband


I wish I could describe, in breathless detail, my passion for you. When I gaze into your green eyes I feel safe. You calm me, like no one else can. You are my love, and my home. Where ever you are, I am with you, always.
Here are just some of your charms...

You can not walk past a football, basketball, soccer ball, and not touch it. You are like a child in your enthusiasm. It always makes me smile.

We are travel companions. We like a lot of the same things, and our differences compliment each other. You love to take the back roads. There have only been a few times when you have left me in fear. I remember one time when we took a dirt road and came across an army of orange clothed, gun toting hunters. I thought we were going to get shot.

We have driven up and down mountains, with our breaks smelling, my nose in a book. You are brave when I need you to be. You are my hero, that way. I just leave it to you to keep us safe, and you always do.

I remember camping in the Rocky Mountains, in a tent. We pitched the tent after traveling all day. There was snow in the fire pit, but we thought nothing of that. That night we awoke to scratching outside the tent. Swish, swish, swish. The tent moved with the sounds. You jumped up, a big knife in hand, to save us! Luckily the big Grizzly Bear outside turned out to be snow sliding off the tent. I think we spent the rest of that night in the car, if I remember. It was 22 years ago, now.

I remember traveling through Montreal. We didn't speak French. We did it!!! This was before GPS. We got a cheesy hotel room, and if I remember correctly we left the lights on all night. I was afraid of the roaches. An adventure!

Portland, Oregon, 1989. We went to visit your best friend, after leaving Zack and Nate with their Dad, in California. We stayed with Mike for a few days. He showed us around. He brought us to a crack house! A CRACK HOUSE! Dang! We were out of our element. We didn't do drugs. We knew nothing of that stuff. We were stuck! It was a Hell I was glad to leave behind. The next day he took us to a mushball tournament. I had never heard of mushball. It looked like softball to me. He told us that the neighborhood was very dangerous, and that there were drive by shootings there, all the time. Nice! I was glad to leave Mike. I wondered why you and he were friends. I know now, that you are a faithful friend, and never leave a man behind. You were his only true friend. You saw through the crap, and saw Mike. He is mature, now. He is a family man, a business man.

I have 23 years of stories. I have been through Hell and back with you at my side. I am grateful for our hilarious misadventures. I am grateful for our passionate life. You illuminate my emotions. You, Jerry, only you.

Love, Jane