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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A comment my Husband made

I was looking at my Blog, and my Husband laughed and said " You are turning into one of those picture blog people."

That gave me pause. I have things to say, and I have sights to see, and I have songs to sing. I do not want to be in a box. I see beauty and want to share it.

Okay, so perhaps I do use my camera more than my fingers to express myself. I hope that there is value in that. My writing skills need honing. I used to be more formal, less flighty in my writing. I read a book called Writing Down The Bones and have taken to being in the moment. I am trying.

Here goes....I drive 30 miles through the forest to get to work each and every day. That is one way. I take my camera, just in case I happen upon something interesting. I usually can not find a place to pull over when I do, and much is missed. Eagles eating deer carcases for one thing. Wild turkeys pecking for food on the side of the road. Wild things, everywhere, are faster than me, pulling over, and taking my camera from it's case, exiting the car, and snapping the beauty I see.

I suppose that I distract myself with these miracles. Life is hard, for everyone. I have it easy compared to most of the world. I know that. I realize that what I have to write about is only microscopic. My life is small. I do what I can, to take it in, and enjoy.

This is not a blog with a purpose, I suppose. It is just my way of reaching out. Forgive me if my journey is in anyway offensive, or boring, or box worthy. In the winter you may just see photographs of snow, and in summer, flowers, nature, water.  I will also turn to the written word. I may trip and fall, but my desire to express myself is stronger than my need to be picture perfect.