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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Instant Karma

We have a little book in the bathroom, we pick it up from time to time and read little pieces of advise. The advise is based on the principles of Buddhism, Taoism, and other spiritual traditions. Karma is the theory that what you do today, good, bad, indifferent, will come back to you tomorrow.

The first piece of advise in this book is wait for the door to be unlocked instead of trying to break it down. Good advise, I admit, but really who would stand by a locked door and not at least knock first? Was that implied, and I just missed it?

The last piece of advise in this book is "Start where you are". Yup in 594 pages the last advise is to start where you are. I kind of like it, really, starting at the end of the book, life begins anew.I find it comforting.

The most ironic thing about the book is the title, Instant Karma. Somehow karma should not be instant, but a walk that lasts your lifetime. I have tried some of the advise in the book. One of my favorites is "when you stop blaming others, you regain your sense of personal power." That speaks to me.

Just having that book, which has seen better days, the binding is broken, the pages are curled, makes me feel like there is a chance to be better.I like it.