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Monday, February 15, 2010

If a tree falls in the forest....

I can imagine the crack of the tree, that rhetorical tree, I can actually hear it in my mind. I look up to see where the sound is coming from and I see branches twisting, breaking, falling to the earth. I quickly look at its path, to see if there is danger, and then look up again to witness the event. In my imaginary forest it is noon, the sun is shining on the forest floor, there is a bed of fallen leaves, and dead wood. I am on a path, and I am watching from a safe distance. It is cool in the forest, the shade feels good. There is a slight breeze, and no bugs. The sound it makes is a loud crack, followed by some high pitched squeaks, then small loud clicks as the limbs rub against other trees that are still standing. I can hear the dead wood shatter as it hits the forest floor.
The birds stop singing for this event, just the sound of the tree is apparent to me. Slowly the sounds of the forest resume. Birds chirp, squirrels scamper by, bugs fly past, buzzing in my ears.I take a step forward, and I too resume my walk. I feel comforted, knowing that there was a purpose to my walk. I was there to hear it, if only in my mind.