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Monday, February 27, 2012

Morning Has Broken Cat Stevens

I have always loved photography, Cat Stevens, and nature. A blend of everything I love! Now go enjoy your week. Just one question...why didn't anyone read my attempt at actual Hey guys I poured my heart out, and for what? Just saying! I guess I will stick to photography, but I do have more to say than that!


  1. JANE!
    Your heart poured out only 2 days ago. Maybe we were all stunned...thinking it was spam--grin! "JANE? Where's the photos? Wonder if some bad peeps took over her blog?" etc., etc. LOL!

    Loved the song, and the photo graffy, girl. I see morning break every day. It getting earlier, so I know the great thaw is coming. Only 85ºF. today. This IS South Florida, after all!!!

  2. Cat Stevens...oh my the lyrics to his songs...just touch me every time I hear them....