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Friday, October 3, 2014

Here it is, another post, because I am the least consistent blogger in the entire blog universe, probably.

Yesterday I was dizzy, and my blood pressure was 180/131. Yup, stroke level! So, of course I left work, and headed to the emergency room...nope, I drove home, first, to pick up my loving husband. What happened? My fuel pump went out, on a highway, and there I was, crying, dizzy, scared, and alone. Yup! So my Husband tried to start the Jeep, which we do not drive, because it is iffy, and of course it did not start. He walked to me, and I cried... So...I walked home, and my Husband dealt with the car, tow truck, mechanic, and all that, and I waited for him, called a cab, and went to the hospital. Two hours later I arrived, still dizzy, and with elevated blood pressure. Okay, so what now? Not much.

I am home, again. No solid diagnosis. Who cares? I am not dead, and that was the point of all of this. Listen, I NEVER call in sick! I am stressed out, and too old for this job. I feel like I have to make a change. I am scared, and tired, and my blood pressure is not under control. It's time to pack it in!

Okay, now for the pretty pictures! I am a creative person, and no matter what, that will always be.