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Monday, May 2, 2011


I have probably uploaded this video before. But Iggy my cat is old, and we have made the difficult decision to have him put down before we move. It was a difficult decision, for all of us, and I am sad. He is a good cat, and he has been faithful to us for all of these years.

He is going bald, and losing weight. He is eating like a maniac, and that is not usual for him. I suspect that he has cancer or some other distressing illness. Jerry says that we were neglectful letting our dog Tundra suffer for so long without putting her down. It didn't matter how many times we took her to the vet, there was always some reason to take her back home. She was so sick, at the end. She looked at us, asking for mercy.

 I will not do that to little Iggy. He should not suffer. I know that! I also know that I will never have another cat. Ever! He was with us for many many years. He was my dream cat, and will be my last feline friend.